Thursday, April 22, 2021

1974 Ford Falcon XB Ute - A Mean Looking Aussie Here In The US...

This is an old post from 2012. I was playing around on the site today and somehow republished it as a new post. I have no idea how I did it. Whatever. It's really cool car, one that's worth looking at again.


I don't know enough about this car to do a long post, but it's too cool looking, too unusual in North America, not to write something about it. The Australian Ford Falcon started life in 1960. It was essentially an Australian built version of the North American Falcon. With each passing year, changes were made that made the car more and more Australian. By the time this one was built in 1973, it was uniquely Australian, as Ford had discontinued the Falcon in North America. According to a few websites, the first versions of the V8 XB Falcon came with a US built 351ci V8. Later cars came with a detuned, Australian version of the same engine. As I wrote in the opening paragraph, I know very little about these cars. (Australian readers, feel free to add info in the comments section.) This one has "Super Roo" decals on the fenders. Super Roo was a trim package offered on the Falcon, but I don't know, other than the stickers, what differentiates a Super Roo from a regular Falcon. This is one mean looking pick up. It is much more aggressive looking than the Ranchero GT Ford sold in the US during the same time period. The front end, with its twin driving lights and power bulged, NACA ducted hood, has a US muscle car look to it. (The seller calls the hood a "NASA bonnet," not "NACA." Unless that's an Australian term, it's an amusing typo. Wouldn't you have loved NASA to have built space ships with a hood with hood scoops? "Uh, roger, Houston. I'm going to pop the hood and check the oil before we re-enter the atmosphere. I've got a quart of 10/40 in the back in case we're a bit low. I'm going to check for space dust in the air filter and scoops, too.") It would not be much of a stretch - based on its size and specs - to consider this sort of a Mustang pickup. This is an unrestored Falcon Ute. It's in very nice overall condition. The seats could use a little work and it has some rust on the rockers and lower front fender. All-in-all it's a pretty easy project. Being right hand drive would disqualify it as a daily driver for me. (I'm a wimp, I guess. I like to see if there is oncoming traffic before I pass the car ahead of me.) But, if I had the extra cash, and had fulfilled a few of my other - longstanding - car fantasies, I'd buy this in a heartbeat, just to bring to Ford shows. It would most likely get more attention than any other car there. Located in Ventura, CA, click here to see the eBay listing.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

1986 Lands Precedent Sportswagon - Just 1 of 2 Built - 8 Years Later, It's Back And Still Weird

I featured this car in a June 2012 post. You can find it here.

That early post received a decent amount of views in 2012, but then, like most older posts, the views tailed off. I had no idea what happened to the car or where it wound up. I forgot about it.

Now and then I go through the comments section of the blog looking for spam that may have slipped through the filters. Last week, I noticed that the old Lands Precedent post was getting quite a few views and even some comments. I looked at the post and saw a comment from "Splatt" that read: "This car is for sale and is up the street from where I live." Since I have no idea where "Splatt" lives, I asked if there was an online listing anywhere. A man named Ryan responded with the Facebook Marketplace link.

Yep. It's up for sale again. It looks like someone has started to prep it for bodywork and/or paint. (Or maybe the paint has started to fade. I'm not sure.) There are no pictures of the interior in the Facebook listing. The seller says that it has a 5.0 V8 in it, which was something that wasn't mentioned in the 2012 listing. A JaCG reader pointed out that the headlights and markers are from a Lincoln Mark VII.

Everything I wrote in the original post still holds true in my mind. This is not a good looking vehicle. But, it's incredibly rare and interesting. I'm glad to see that someone took care of it over the past 8 years. Let's hope that the new owner will restore it to its former glory. (I'm really not sure "glory" is the right word, but I can't think of any other word. Maybe I should say that I hope it gets restored. ;-) )

The asking price is $12,500. Is that too high? Is that too low? Who knows? It's not like Kelley Blue Book - or anyone - is going to have a listing for this.

If you really wanted this 8 years ago, here's your second chance. Located in Enterprise, AL, click here to see the Facebook Marketplace ad.

Monday, September 21, 2020

1987 Suzuki Samurai - It's Been A Long Time Since I Have Seen One This Nice...

In an earlier post about a Suzuki Grand Vitara, I mentioned that the Suzuki Samurai was becoming a sought after vehicle. They are incredibly good off-road vehicles.

But what if you don't want to use it off-road? Clean, unmolested, Samurais are getting very hard to come by.

Here's one with just 27,415 miles on it. Based on the pictures, it looks close to new.

Yes, the Samurai was great going through mud and snow, over rocks, etc. But, they weren't especially great on the road. They were slow and didn't handle very well. (Although they were not as bad as Consumer Reports claimed they were. Like many high center of gravity / short wheelbase vehicles, you could tip it, but you had to work hard to do it.) But they are relatively reliable and a lot of fun in the old-school put the top down (or take it off in this case) and cruise on a summer day way.

The asking price for this Samurai is $9,500. That's a lot of money for an old Samurai. But, when was the last time you saw on in this condition? If you have the money and are looking for a road-going Samurai, this one may well be worth the asking price.

Located in Stratford, CT, click here to see the Facebook Marketplace ad.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

When You Really Want An Amphicar But All You Have Is An Old Morris Minor And A Dinghy...

I spotted this a few days ago while driving through Clifton Park, NY. Unlike an Amphicar, this can't be driven on land. But it is a real Morris Minor body on top of what looks to be a small Boston Whaler. It appears to be well done. It must look really cool on the water.

This is at the same place as the Snyder 600C I posted a little while ago.

I really need to hang out with this guy for an afternoon.

Friday, September 18, 2020

1972 Renault R17 - Ex SCCA Car - Ready For LeMons?

Just because I post any R17...

This thing popped up on Facebook Marketplace.

A former SCCA racer, its best days are behind it. It now has no engine and more rust than metal.

I'm pretty certain no one is running an R17 in the 24 Hours of LeMons. Do some welding, drop a Fuego Turbo engine or a 2.2 in it and you're ready to go! ;-)

Yeah, I know. This is a basket case. But, boy, would I love to see this on a track again...

Located in Troutman, NC, click here to see the Facebook Marketplace ad.