Sunday, November 16, 2008

Restoring A Skoda 1100

This guy is restoring a Skoda 1100. As I've mentioned in the past, I have a ton of respect for someone who restores a car like this.

A Czech automobile manufacturer, Skoda, before being purchased by VW / Audi, never had a great reputation in any country. They were incredibly inexpensive though and sold well in Europe. (For awhile in the late fifties and early sixties Skoda imported cars to the US. Considering this was at the height of the "cold war" they sold OK for a car coming from behind the "iron curtain". The later 1100 family of cars, like the one here, were never imported into the US, although you could get them in Canada.)

A rear engined car with a swing axle style suspension, its handling could be kindly described as "entertaining". Build quality was typical period Eastern European, meaning it was tough as a tank, but not screwed together very well. Still, it's a pretty cool looking car and different from most anything else sold at the time. I wouldn't mind owning one.

Read about the restoration here on the owner's website.

Info on Skoda Automobiles from Wiki

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