Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rover 3500 (SD1) On eBay

Update 05/03/09 - This car is now listed on Craigslist. Click here to see the most recent post.
I just found this on eBay.
There were never many of these cars imported to the US (800 or so is what I've been told - feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). It took awhile to sell them, too. Many of these 1980 models (the only year they were imported to the US) were not titled or registered until 1982.

I owned one in the mid-eighties.

All-in-all they are not bad cars and a very unique ride here in the US (Too unique for some. My girlfriend at the time wouldn't be seen in mine. "It's too weird. People stare at us")

The nose is pretty nasty looking with the US spec headlights (mandatory at the time) - A set of Euro headlights make all the difference in the world.

The engine is Rover's 3500 V8 which has been used in many different British cars. With proper maintanance these will last as long as any American V8 (It was designed by GM and used in Buicks in the early sixties)

Parts are not easy to come by but not impossible either. What can't be found at places specializing in British car parts can be ordered directly from the UK.
Expect some rust along the rocker panels and the door bottoms. (Although the listing for this one says it's rust free) Of course, there will be some typical Lucas electrical issues, too. Other than that there is nothing too scary about these cars.

If you're looking for a good performing, unique car, this may be the car for you.

Find it here on eBay out of Glouster, MA

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