Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vector W8

The idea behind this blog was, in part, to feature unique, different, but affordable cars.

The car listed here is unique, but definitely NOT affordable to me or, I suspect, 99% of the people reading this blog.

If this was any other $300,000.00 car it would not get a mention here. There are plenty of really good sites and blogs dedicated to very expensive cars. But the story of Vector Aeromotive is an American business tragedy / mystery. It involves ego, money, lack of money, dreams, broken dreams, big business, small business, power struggles, sports stars, lawsuits and just about everything else one could imagine. It has the makings of a great book or movie.

I couldn't find one definitive site for the entire Vector story. The best I could do is this Wiki article. Check it out and then do a search for some of the key players mentioned in the article. After awhile you'll get the full idea of the Vector story.

Even if I had a ton of money I would not buy this car. Not that there's any reason not to, it's just that for $300, 000.00 I could buy 10 or 20 really cool cars that could be driven on a daily basis. That's just the way I am.

But, if you have that kind of money and want a piece of automotive history / tragedy you can find this 1991 Vector W8 listed here on eBay

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Graham Clayton said...

Another supercar that looked and sounded fantastic, but never made it to production due to various factors. Here in Australia there was a recent attempt to build a world-class supercar that ended in failure - the Joss JT1.