Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yugo Bids A Final Farewell

When I wrote the earlier post about a Yugo for sale on eBay, I had no idea that the production of the car was coming to an end.
The last Yugo rolled off the assembly line in Serbia on Thursday.

While the Yugo was sold in the US in the late eighties and early nineties it was, in so many ways, a throwback to the Renaults, Fiats, Simcas, and many other imported small cars that made their way into US showrooms in the fifties and sixties. They all looked good on paper, had a proven track record in their native country and were, for the most part, dirt cheap. They also all failed miserably in the United States.

These were not cars designed for US roads and US driving styles. They couldn't cope. Combine that with indifferent dealerships, spotty (at best) parts availability and unknowledgeable mechanics (even at the dealerships) and you had the perfect recipe for failure.

Yugo, like the others, is just a footnote in American automobile history. That's too bad, too. Because while Hyundai, Kia, and all the other bottom-end new cars of today have it all over Yugo in reliability and dealer service, they will never have what Yugo and the other cars had; personality. Sadly, in this day of look alike / drive alike cars, that's something we'll never see again at the bottom of the new car market.


Anonymous said...

That is the absolute truth: The things that gives cars character, are their character flaws.

Anonymous said...

"The things that gives cars character, are their character flaws." That's a perfect way of saying it. Thanks! - Dave

Graham Clayton said...

I wonder why the Yugo hasn't become a "cult" car like some of the other celebrated bad cars, eg Edsel, Trabant and the Leyland P76?