Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And So This Is Christmas...

In true car geek fashion I should post a list here of cars I'd like to find under my tree. (That would be the tree next to my driveway) Why not, right? How cool would it be to find an Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati, etc., etc., in the yard with a big bow on it?

Well, that's not going to happen. First of all, no one I know likes me enough or has enough money to do that. Secondly, I'd be pissed off at anyone who did do that for me.

Huh? Pissed off? Yep, pissed off. It's reality check time...

These are tough times. The economy sucks. People are hurting. While car geeks like us go to sleep at night and dream about the cars we want to buy, there are many, many, many people who go to bed having nightmares about paying their mortgage, buying food, or just surviving the next day. Their nightmares are not dreams, they are reality.

The economy is beyond being fixed with more "bailouts". We need an economic revolution, but that's not going to happen anytime soon.

So for now it's up to us, car geeks and non-car geeks, liberals and conservatives, to do what we can.

Automotive writer, Brock Yates, once wrote something to the effect of "Everyone should own a V12 at least once in their life". I agree with that. But I also believe that everyone should have a meal each day, a chance at an education, healthcare and a warm, dry place to sleep.

Those of us who are lucky enough to still have jobs, a place to live, food to eat and a nice car to drive usually wind up with a few extra dollars in our pockets at some point. We can use that money to buy a new key fob for our car, maybe get it detailed, or we can give a little bit to those who need it most.

And that's the point of this post. This holiday season take some of that money and purchase some food to donate to your local foodbank. Make a donation to a charity. Buy some blankets to give to a homeless shelter. Do what you can. Who knows? The person you help may wind up being a future car geek or even the next Enzo Ferrari. Maybe not. It doesn't really matter, you'll be doing a good thing no matter who or what that person turns out to be.

Then reward yourself. After making that donation, think about what you just did. Fill your car up with gas and take it for a good long drive on one of your favorite driving roads. You and your car deserve it. You did a good thing.

Happy Holidays From Just A Car Geek!

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Scott Witthaus said...

Excellent post. I even have my oh so traditional in-laws bypassing buying gifts for the adults in the family and now donating to charities. A good thing, makes the holidays much less stressful.

But on to my real point. Why do car companies advertise at Christmas with the typical "open your eyes there is the car with a big red bow" spot? Don't know about you but I have NEVER known anyone to get a new Lexus at Christmas, and even if I did, I can't see the "giver" sitting around wondering what to get the "receiver" until one of those commercials come on the TV. I think there is one place our struggling auto companies can save a few shekels.