Wednesday, December 17, 2008

eBay Updates... Maserati, Audi, Bitter, Sterling

In earlier posts I pointed out some unique cars available on eBay. The bidding has ended for all of them and here are the results:

1985 Maserati Biturbo - This car did not sell for it's $3850.00 Buy It Now price, nor did it get ANY bids. I'm amazed, although I guess I shouldn't be. Biturbos have a bad reputation. But, unless potential buyers found out something about this car that is not shown or listed in the ad, it was still a bargain for what you'd be getting. If I had a little extra money for a new toy and a bigger driveway, this car would have been mine.

1984 Audi with only 22,000 miles - This car was bid up to $2645.00, but did not meet the reserve. This is a tough call. It's an Audi station wagon and, as I mentioned in the original post, will never be a collector's car. But with only 22,000 miles it's a cool and unique car to have. I don't know what the reserve was, but $3000.00 to $3500.00 would have been a fair price and anything over $4000.00 would have been too much.

1990 Sterling 827SLi - This car SOLD for $2113.56. That's about the right price or maybe just a bit low. Either way, the new owner now has a unique car for a very reasonable price.

The 1985 Bitter 3.9 SC also did not sell. The high bid was $4172.22, which didn't meet the reserve. Like the Maserati, this is a unique car that deserved to sell. I didn't believe the Buy It Now price of $8750.00 was too high, but I guess most people did.

The Maserati, Audi and Bitter should have sold. What we're seeing here may not be as much of a reflection on the cars as it is a reflection of the economic times. While there still seems to be a demand for high end collector's cars, the market for low end unique (but non-collectible) cars seems to have dropped dead. Maybe the current economic recession hasn't hit the wealthy yet, but it seems to be stopping the middle-class car geek (like me) from enjoying their hobby.

That's pathetic on so many levels - but this is not a political / economic blog... From a "Car Geek" perspective it just means that a few more cars won't be enjoyed by new owners and that a few more cars may just waste away in a garage or barn somewhere. I guess in the much larger picture of global economics that doesn't mean much (nor should it), but it's still pathetic.

Oh well, I'll keep posting and keep hoping things will get better.

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