Monday, December 29, 2008

Wow. People Are Actually Reading This Thing... I Get E-Mails

I've gotten a some e-mails about this blog. A few were on the same subject, so I'll address them all at once here.

1) I do not make any money from writing this blog. It's a labor of love. The cars I post are just cars that I've spotted while prowling the internet. In most cases the owners have no idea their cars are featured on Just A Car Geek. In all cases I have not seen the car in person or spoken with the owner. I'm not recommending that you buy any of the featured cars, I'm just passing along information. It's up to you to check out the car.

2) Yes, you can e-mail me with info about a car you're selling and I will consider listing it. It must be listed on a linkable website elsewhere, though (i.e Craigslist, eBay, local classified website, etc.). I don't write or post Just A Car Geek classified ads. The idea behind Just A Car Geek is to write about or feature unusual cars that are affordable to the average car geek. (Yes, there are exceptions, notably the Vector and Mangusta, but those cars are so unique I felt that I should publish them just so people can see them. )
Aston Martins and Ferraris are awesome cars, but usually not affordable to the average person. I probably won't post something like that. An old VW GTI is a pretty cool, affordable car , but not very unusual, so that would probably not get posted either. There are some really great websites out there, notably Bring A Trailer, that may list your Aston Martin or Ferrari and you're probably better off listing your GTI on a VW / Audi website.

3) Submissions are welcomed. I'd love to hear about and post your car story. Don't get mad at me if your story doesn't get posted though. It's not a reflection on you or your story, it's just that it may not (in my mind) fit the criteria of Just A Car Geek. Please include your name (you will get credited for writing the story) with any submission and let me know if you want your e-mail address published.

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Anonymous said...

I like what you are doing on your site. No Ferraris or Astons - let the other sites take care of that, while you stick to the interesting ones.

Keep up the good work.