Thursday, January 8, 2009

1975 Autobianchi A112 on Craigslist - In U.S.

I just spotted this on Craigslist

The seller states that it needs a little body work - I assume it has some rust, they all do - but the price is reasonable if you consider how much it would cost you to buy a rust free example - if you could even find one - and then have it imported.

This would be a cool car to either restore to original or, as the seller states, turn it into an Abarth replica.

For more info on the Autobianchi A112 check out this UK website.

Located in the Boston, MA area, click here to see this car's Craigslist ad.


paddy258 said...

I just bought this car, It is at the body shop now getting all the rust taken care of. Drives great, I can't wait to get it on the road.

Just A Car Geek said...

Very cool! Send us some pictures when it's done.