Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Bargain (?) 1967 BMW 2000cs on eBay

This could be a genuine bargain, or...

This 1967 BMW 2000cs is being offered on eBay for the "Buy It Now" price of $5500.00. Among collector's the 2000cs is not as desirable as the later 2800cs, but it's still a unique looking car that is reliable enough to be a great weekend car. If you live in a warm climate where they don't salt the roads, you could probably use this car everyday if you wanted to.

The big concern with a 2000cs is rust. The seller claims this is a Southern California car that had only surface rust and a few dents, which have been repaired. Check this car for rust anyway as being from Southern California doesn't always mean a car is rust free. (Especially true for rust prone cars like this one.)

The car is not 100% original, but close enough. It's a driver, not a show car. If I was buying it the first thing I'd do, after peeling off the plethora of stickers on the rear bumper, is replace the E30 chrome wheels with period correct wheels. Modern chrome wheels do not look good on this car.

The front end styling on these cars was controversial and I'm not sure the fog lights and driving lights installed on this one makes it look any better. That's personal opinion, of course. It does kind of give it a cool rally car look, though.

IF this car is in the condition the seller states it's in (and the hood line doesn't look great in the picture above, but that could just be a minor problem or the angle at which the picture was taken), it would normally sell for a couple of thousand dollars more than he's asking. Maybe he's just looking for a quick sale. Check it out thoroughly. You may be getting a nice bargain here. Or you may be getting...

Click here to see the eBay listing for this BMW 2000cs.

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