Friday, January 2, 2009

Notes From Jeff (The Time Machine Mechanic) - Just Thought I'd Share...

After publishing the "When Your Time Machine Breaks Down, Call Jeff" post, I got an e-mail from him. Some of it I answered in an e-mail back to him, but parts of it I decided to publish and answer publicly (with his permission). His statements are in pale yellow, mine are not...

- Back in the day, when Yugos were around, and not all that old, a few came through my shop. For what I don't remember, not anything significant, but I do remember driving them and they were fun to drive and not at all bad. Besides the fact that they were water soluble cars, the bigger problem (as with most Italian/weird cars in the US) is that a) people treated them like appliances and did not/do not take care of them, and b) many of the so called shops and/or mechanics really don't have a clue when it comes to these cars.

You're right. Of course you do know how to work on most cars, that's why whenever I'm considering some bizarre automotive purchase and someone asks me what I'll do if it breaks down, my standard response is, "That's why god invented Jeff"...

- Yes everyone should own a v12 once in their lifetime. I happen to have a v12 winter beater
for sale. Yes, it breaks many of the rules of a winter beater, although parts are (somewhat) readily available, it is not easy to work on, does not have AWD, FWD, or traction control, yet is amazingly good in the snow, nor is it wonderful on gas. But hey, it is somewhat exotic fun beater ...

OK, note to everyone here... The truth be told I have come very close to making an offer to Jeff for this car about 3 dozen times. Usually I would tell someone I was thinking about buying it and they would talk some sense into me, reminding me that … A) I already own a pretty nice BMW, and B) 12 cylinders propelling the rear wheels does not make this car a good winter beater.

On the other hand, this car has been meticulously maintained and a 12 cylinder BMW is probably the most practical 12 cylinder car you could ever own.

It kind of comes down to this... Either someone else buys it or I will. If you're interested in a really nice, early 90s BMW 750iL, e-mail me and I'll put you in touch with Jeff. Honestly, you'll probably be doing me a great favor by taking away one of the great temptations in my life

- Funny thing is, I was thinking about you this afternoon, I have a 86 911 in the shop at the moment, and while working on it today I was wondering how come you've never owned a Porsche?

A 911 is reliable, relatively easy to get parts for, well respected in most automotive circles and Porsche is still selling cars in the US. Knowing me and my past purchases of Rovers, Peugeots, Alfas, MGs, Sunbeams, etc., etc., does that sound like something I'd buy? I'd probably take the 10 - 12 thousand dollars a decent older 911 would cost me and buy a Laforza! (I still really want one, ya know... I saw an ARO - a Romanian 4x4 - on eBay a few months ago. I came close to bidding on it, too. The cost of having a 4x4 shipped from Arizona to Massachusetts is what stopped me, not the idea of owning a Romanian 4x4, with zero US dealers - ever - and absolutely no parts availability - even in Romania.)

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