Sunday, January 25, 2009


I never intended for this blog to have a direction and in that regard I think I've been successful. I, of course, knew I'd be writing and posting about cars (it would've been kinda weird to have named it "Just A Car Geek" and then write about gardening or cooking), I just really had no idea what exactly I'd be writing about or posting.

It's been a little over two months since I've started this and already I've had over 3000 "hits", a few dozen e-mails and a bunch of comments. Not bad for something that has no direction, no plan, and has certainly had no promotion (People seem to just seek out and find blogs and sites about cars). It's been too easy.

I don't know why, but cars bring out a certain passion in everyone. We customize them, we personalize them, some people even give them names.... We argue about them. What's better, an Audi or a BMW? A Ford or a Chevy? Honda or Toyota?... We defend them."Yes, it's expensive, breaks down a lot and is hard to get parts for. It's still a great car"... We treat them better than we treat ourselves. I've had this cold / flu / plague type thing going on for over two weeks now. I haven't called a doctor. But when the check engine light came on for a minute in my BMW last summer, I pulled over and immediately called Jeff (who works on vehicles other than time machines) .... They bring out respect in us. I have no idea why my friend Tim owns, loves, and has painstakingly restored, two giant mid-seventies Oldsmobiles, but I respect the hell out of him for doing it. I relate to his excitement when he tells me about finding the optional GM Kleenex holder (yes, that really was an option) in a car in a junkyard. I relate to his passion.

Even the most non-car geeks among us have some sort of passion about their car or a car. If pushed they'll tell you that they really like red cars or boxy cars or economical cars, whatever. Yesterday I listened to a women tell me all about her new Smart car. I'm not even sure those should be classified as cars, but she was as passionate about it as I've been about any of the cars I've owned. I look at someone in a Smart car and wonder what kind of horrible thing they did in a past life to deserve this in their present life, but I could relate to her passion.

I mentioned in an earlier post that a woman I used to date looked at cars as appliances. If you think about it, that's really what they are. The purpose of a stove is to cook, a refrigerator is used to keep food cold, a washing machine keeps our clothes clean and, really, the purpose of a car is to get us from point "A" to point "B". Yet how many of us have kept an old, broken washing machine, stove or refrigerator in our garage for 10 years, promising to "restore it" someday? How many of us have dragged a 25 year old household appliance home from a scrapyard because we saw it and thought it was "too good" to scrap? How many of us have spent hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars to have a broken down household appliance shipped to us from somewhere halfway across the country? How many of us have sent money to Europe or Asia for that hard to find appliance part? How many of us "detail" our appliances? How many of us spent an afternoon walking around looking at old stoves at an "appliance show"? Probably not many of us, but I bet most of us have done one or all of those things (and more) with a car. It's an unexplainable passion.

Passion. That's why writing this blog has been so easy. Thanks for reading.

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