Tuesday, February 10, 2009

1951 Kaiser Sedan - Located in New England - $500.00

This is not the usual type of car I write about on this blog.

The car pictured above is a 1951 Kaiser. I first saw it a few months ago on Craigslist. I took notice of it because it's located only a few towns over from where I live. The fact that it has survived this long in New England is amazing.

The car is back on Craigslist at (what seems to me to be) a bargain price of $500.00.

I know nothing about Kaisers, so I can't write any history.

I'm posting this car in hopes that someone is looking for one to restore or needs the parts this car can give up for one that's already being restored. The car seems too complete to be only worth scrap value. Maybe you know somebody who likes this type of car... If so, pass the info along.

Click here to see the Craigslist ad. It's poorly written, but the pictures are clear and the seller leaves a phone number to call for more info.

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