Friday, February 20, 2009

1968 Puma - In US and For Sale on eBay

Puma was a Brazilian sports car company that made a number of cars based on DKW and VW platforms and later using Chevy parts. While some were sold as kits, most Pumas were sold as fully assembled automobiles.

This one is based on air-cooled VW running gear. The suspension is VW also.

The body is what makes the Puma special. There were many VW based sports cars and kits produced in the sixties and seventies. Most were gimmicky looking cars and some were just downright ugly. This is not that case with the Puma. The Puma Spyder (and many of the other Puma models) is a beautifully styled car that could have come from any of the famous Italian design houses.

It's unclear as to whether the car being offered on eBay was a kit or Puma built car. The seller lists it as a 1968, but most sources state that the Puma convertible (Spyder) was not introduced until 1970. No matter, this car is an outstanding example of Puma's beautiful Spyder.

Being based on a VW means that drivetrain and suspension parts are inexpensive and very easy to find . Body parts are much tougher to find, but, being fiberglass rust is not a problem.

There are very few cars that are this rare, this beautiful, and are this easy to maintain. Yes, you'll forever be explaining that this is not a kit car, but having a car that is this nice looking with easy parts availability will make it all worthwhile.

Click here to see the eBay listing for this car.

Even of you're not in the market for a Puma check out the listing just to see the pictures. It's great eye-candy.

Click here to see the North American Puma Registry website.

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Anonymous said...

I saw one of these a few years back on PCH... Couldn't catch it and kad no idea waht it was until now. Thanks for the post!