Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1975 Fiat (500) Giannini - In US and For Sale on eBay.

This caught my eye because A) I wasn't familiar with Giannini, and B) I had no idea Fiat made this style Fiat 500 or "Cinquecento" through 1975. (They are producing a new 500 now - One of the cars rumored to be coming to the US now that Fiat has linked up with Chrysler)

Fiat introduced the 500 in 1957. It was the Italian version of a peoples car a la the Volkswagen Beetle. Like the Beetle, the 500 was a rear engined car. The engine in the 500 was an air cooled 497cc 2 cylinder engine (eventually the engine grew to 594 cc).

The engine must take well to tuning because the Abarth Fiat 500 is a highly regarded car and one that does well at vintage races. But the Giannini seems to be amazing...

A quick search of the internet turns up very few Giannini sites. One said the car was capable of 75 MPH and delivering 40+ MPG. But several said that the car was capable of 100+ MPH while delivering 60 MPG. That seemed a little incredible until I saw the video below. (100 MPH is approximately 160 KPH... I'm still not buying the 60 MPG, though)

This is one of those fascinating cars that I know little about. If you're familiar with them please post any info in the comments section or e-mail me with the info and I'll post it.

Click here to see the only thing close to a definitive Giannini website.

Click here to see the 1975 Giannini listed on eBay.

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