Tuesday, February 3, 2009

50 MPG 1995 V6 Chrysler LeBaron on Ebay

OK, I know nothing about this car, but it's seems pretty interesting.

From what I can gather, the owner of this car (an energy company, maybe) planned on entering it in a competition sponsored by the X Prize Foundation. The goal, it appears, was to achieve 100 MPG. According to the seller, "We could not achieve the 75 MPG average mileage required to enter the competition, so we decided to scrap the entire project"

He claims it's a daily driver and further states "It has a valid Massachusetts state inspection sticker for both safety and emission... the car is fairly fast and averages about 50 MPG."

What can I say? A 1995 Chrysler LeBaron is not the kind of car that would normally catch my attention. But, one that's been engineered to get an average of 50 MPG peaked my curiosity.

Unfortunately, I can't e-mail the seller about details as he states in his listing, "We've gotten a tremendous amount of email on this car from people who are not actually looking to buy it. Unfortunately, I work full-time and cannot spend the entire day answering emails of people who are not interested in buying the car." Uh, OK, I won't ask.

You can click here to see the eBay listing.
Click here to find out more about the competition he was trying to entire.
E-mail me if you have any further information about this car, or better yet, if you buy it.

UPDATE 02/03/09 - Wow. I've never had a post receive so much interest so quickly. I guess I need to point out that I have no idea if the seller's claim of 50 MPG is real or not (and as I wrote in the post, he doesn't want to answer questions from people who "are not interested in buying the car". Hmmm...). I'm just pointing out the listing.

This is what I know... The seller's eBay feedback is good. As far as I can tell the contest he mentions is real. But...

Could this be a "run your car on water" / "The 100 MPG carburetor Detroit doesn't want you to know about" type scam? Maybe. And, yes, it could be in the wording, too... I could probably claim an average 50 MPG in my V8 Jeep Grand Cherokee if I drove it (coasting) downhill 80% of the time. Who knows?
Caveat emptor.

(Another) UPDATE 02/03/09 - Maybe I should do more posts like this one... I have received more e-mails about this post than I've received about all other posts COMBINED. Most were pretty funny, and no, I don't want to buy a gas tank magnet, turbo-swirl fan or a water injection unit...
Again, I have no clue what this listing is all about. I saw it, thought it was interesting, and posted it.

The ONLY reason I posted it is that the seller is part of a company called Brockton Energy, LLC (In their own words: Brockton Energy, LLC was founded on July 1st, 2008 by a group of private, independent investors looking for cleaner energy solutions. On November 1, 2008 Brockton Energy, LLC. acquired Brockton-based Zigouras Engineering, Inc. Our recent acquisition has given us a technological advantage in the hydrogen power field) and because the contest he mentions is real. That, in my mind, made it possible, if unlikely.

The seller leaves a lot of unanswered questions... Is 0-60 now measured in days instead of seconds? At top speed would it get pulled over in a school zone? Is 50 MPG achieved at a steady 30 MPH downhill? Or is it a scam? Who knows? I don't.

Again, I have no idea what this car is all about. As with all the cars I feature here I'm not suggesting you buy it sight unseen (or buy it at all). Of all the cars I've featured here, this would be the one I would urge you the most to research thoroughly if you're thinking about buying it.

Caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor, caveat emptor!

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