Monday, February 2, 2009

BMW V Series / 2010 BMW Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS)

It's been rumored for years... The BMW V Series or Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS). It looks like it's finally happening.

You can google the name and come up with hundreds of sites with info and speculation about this car, so I won't bore you with the same here...

The photo above is an artist rendering of the Progressive Activity Sedan From It was done back in 2008, and of course is just a theory on what the vehicle will look like (heavily disguised vehicles have been seen on the roads of Germany). With the exception of the stupid "tortured eyes" headlights, I love the look of this car.

This blog doesn't usually feature new, expensive cars and has never before featured a car not yet on the market, but I needed a way to justify showing this very clever teaser video that BMW has created for the car. Have no fear, the blog hasn't lost its focus. - By the way, this video first appeared on a beta site called Let's hope BMW develops this site. It has all sorts of great potential.

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