Wednesday, February 18, 2009

eBay Find - 1980 Lotus Eclat V8!

03/09/09 UPDATE - This car is back on eBay, click here to see the new listing.
Damn. How did I miss this one? By the time this is posted they'll be just a day and a half left on the auction.

I am not usually a fan of highly modified cars. This car is an exception. Essentially it's a Lotus Eclat with a Rover V8 in it. I say "essentially" because the owner has done much, much more. What the owner has not done, thankfully, is modify the exterior. There are no scoops, spoilers, wings or chrome wheels like you see on so many modified cars. The seller's time and money went into making this car mechanically right. This is just a very nice car with some classy and worthwhile modifications.

There's not much I can write about it as the seller pretty much covers it all in his listing.

Yep, it's a Lotus and you can expect a few weird things (usually electrical) to go wrong from time to time, but it's worth the aggravation.

This is another car that if my driveway and bank account balance mysteriously grew to 5 times their current sizes overnight, I'd be bidding on.

Click here to see the listing for this 1980 V8 Lotus Eclat.

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