Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Very Nice 1989 Pontiac Formula Firebird

This is one of those cars that will appreciate in value. The question is by how much and when?

Here are some facts... Late 60s and early 70s Firebirds are going for big bucks these days. GM is going to dump the Pontiac brand. With government money keeping them afloat, there is zero chance that GM (or any US manufacturer) is going to develop a new V8 muscle car (Yes, there are a few in the pipeline that may see the light of day, but these will be the last, I'm sure). Many Firebirds have been abused to death by their owners, making a decent Firebird hard to find. Last but not least, most car geeks over the age of 25 have looked at a Firebird at least once in their lives and thought about owning one. (Don't deny it. It may have been only for a moment back in high school, but at some point you probably thought about owning a Firebird.) All of that is what makes a car like this a potential collector's item.

Being offered on Craigslist, this Firebird is much better than a "decent" Firebird. It's a truly nice one. The owner obviously loves the car, took care of it and only did modifications that made sense. It's just a nice, well cared for 1989 Firebird that needs very little. The seller is very honest in his description, including mentioning that this car was once in an accident, but repaired by professionals and has a clean title.

Firebirds were never meant to be sophisticated sports cars. They were built to be fast, somewhat brutal muscle cars and they succeeded in being just that. 10 years from now, when new car showrooms are filled with electric cars, hydrogen cars and whatever other new type of propulsion system is around, this car will be a reminder of the good old days of fast, raw, fossil fuel powered cars. Not only that, but most likely it will be worth much more than the current $4500.00 asking price.

Located in Granby, MA, click here to see the Craigslist ad for this Firebird.

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Anonymous said...

The owner is going to have a tough time selling this car. It's too nice to be a daily driver but with the economy tanking I'm not sure many people are looking for investments that won't provide any return for at least 5 years.

Too bad. It looks like a really really nice car.