Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1965 Bond Equipe GT4S - In US and on eBay...

The Equipe GT4S was created by a UK company called Bond. The Equipe, introduced in 1963, was Bond's first 4 wheel car. Prior to that their line of cars were 3 wheelers. Bond never officially exported any cars to the US.

Built on a Triumph Herald platform and using Triumph's 1200 cc engine, this was meant to be a GT type of car. However, the Equipe took almost 18 seconds to hit 60MPH and top speed was under 100MPH, ruining any sporting / GT pretences the body may have had.

About that body... Everything that makes most 1960s sports / GT cars look really good are there. Quad headlamps, round tail lights, fastback design... Somehow it just doesn't quite work with this car. It doesn't look bad from certain angles, but overall it just looks awkward. (But who cares what I think, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?)

This is not a car you'd buy to look at, anyway. The Triumph running gear is strong and reliable. The Herald underpinnings will provide some entertaining handling. This car is meant to be driven. Take it to car shows and for some long weekend drives. You're guaranteed to attract attention.

For a long time the Brits had a great cottage automotive industry, one that produced some pretty amazing cars. This car, while unfamiliar to most Americans, was an important part of that industry. It is a piece of history that should be preserved.

Click here to find the eBay listing for this 1965 Bond Equipe GT4s.

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Short Shifter said...

How does it cost? it looks look but i doubt on the engine performance. Hope to read further detail of this car, beside, its an old model.