Saturday, March 7, 2009

1965 Volkswagen Baja Bug

I just stumbled on this car. It brought back a ton of memories. A high school friend had one of these. He bought it fully assembled.

Baja Bugs originated in California, where they were used out in the desert. I grew up on Long Island, which is not an area known for having deserts. It does have plenty of sandy beaches though, and we'd run my friend's Baja Bug up and down the beach until either the cops showed up or we got it hopelessly stuck in the sand (both happened quite often - sometimes at the same time, which was never good).

There's not much to write about regarding the Baja Bug. It's a VW Beetle with a modified body, engine and suspension. No two Baja Bugs seem to be alike. Each owner added his own touches, which is what made them so cool. There was no right or wrong way to do a Baja Bug.

The Baja Bug shown above is for sale. Located in Santa Ana, CA, click here to see the Craigslist listing. is a site dedicated to Baja Bugs. It has some cool videos along with some Baja Bug info.

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