Friday, March 27, 2009

1966 Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale - eBay Find

I'll make this a quick post. This is something you don't often see...

This 1966 Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale spent the last 20 years in California in dry storage. It's had two owners and a claimed 46,000 miles. It's not running and needs some mechanical restoration, but it appears to be complete and rust free.

For a (mostly) unrestored car, this is in remarkable shape. I'm pretty certain whoever buys this car will do a complete restoration, but judging by the pictures, you could just do the needed mechanical work, leave the body alone and still have a car you'd be proud to own. It appears to be that nice.

The Sprint Speciale was somewhat controversial when it was introduced. Not everyone liked the styling and it disappointed some people by being more of a GT car than a sports car.

Me? I think it's beautiful and could care less whether it's a GT or sports car. It's a car I'd love to own.

Click here to see the eBay listing for this Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale.

Click here to read the article titled "Something Speciale"


Anonymous said...

That's a picture of in in its unrestored state???????? That looks better than many "restored" cars I've seen. What are these worth?

Anonymous said...

Amazing, beautiful car, from every angle, stunning!

Price wise, hmmmm, in that condition I have no idea. I have seen restored examples hit $60k in an auction. With this current climate, Id say the reserve is probably $40k, maybe more.