Sunday, March 8, 2009

1973 Volkswagen Type 4 Station Wagon - 41,000 Miles

This must be my weekend for interesting VWs.

The Type 4 was not one of VWs big successes. Meant to be an "upmarket" VW, it was available for 4 years in the US and sold just over 100,000 units during that time (VW sold over 1.8 million cars in total in the US during those years). Larger and heavier than a Beetle, the Type 4's 1795cc engine struggled to get the car to 60MPH in 17 seconds and its top speed was under 100 MPH.

On the plus side, it had a MacPherson strut suspension up front and coil springs and wishbones in the back. It handled better than the Beetle. It was also VWs first unibody constructed car.

This car, being offered on auction by Pot of Gold Estate Liquidations in Arizona, has a claimed 41,000 miles on it. The auction house description reads; "Body in great shape with only very minor shopping cart dings on the chrome trim. Everything looks original including the paint except for a converted fuel system for better performance that was installed by the original owner in the 1970s." They give no details as to what "converted fuel system" means.

This car is being auctioned on March 17 (along with "Gun, Antiques, Jewelry & Collectibles"). If you're not going to be in Arizona on that date, you can bid online via their "absentee bidding" form.

Type 4s will probably never be worth any real money, but if you're an air cooled VW fan, or just looking for a unique car, this car may be worth checking out.

Click here for details on this 1973 VW Type 4 and the auction.

Click here to find the (UK) Type 3 & 4 Club. It has a lot of good info.

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