Tuesday, March 17, 2009

1987 Alfa Romeo Milano (75) Verde

As I've written before, of all the cars I've owned, my 1987 Milano (known at the 75 in most of the world) was my favorite. It was roomy and comfortable. It handled well. It looked unique. But what put the Milano at the top of the list was its V6 engine. Of all the cars I've owned, I have never had one with an engine as nice as that one. It's a free revving, powerful engine that makes all the right sounds.

My car had the 2.5 liter version of the Alfa V6. The Milano Verde has a 3.0 liter version. Take everything I just said about my engine and add .5 amazing liters to it.

The Verde edition of the Milano was the top of the line model and the only one to get the 3.0 liter engine. While most "sports sedans" put the emphasis equally on "sport" and "sedan", the Milano Verde emphasized the "sport". In its day it was, in my opinion, as close to a true 4 door sports car as you could get (OK, I give the BMW M5 a nod here, too).

The Milano exterior styling is unique and not to everyone's taste. The interior has some quirks too (power window switches mounted on the ceiling, the radio very low in the dash), but all of that just gives the car character, something that's missing in so many cars today. (And honestly, you get used to the window switches and it's a lot more enjoyable listening to the engine than the radio.)

Milanos are, by Alfa standards, fairly reliable cars. Headgaskets can be a weak spot, driveshaft donuts will fail and power steering pumps and racks have been known to quit. Alfa electrical systems can be challenging, but I never had a problem with mine. Milanos don't rust as badly as earlier Alfas did, but check the wheel wells and door bottoms.

Located in Tucker, Georgia, the 1987 Verde shown above is listed for sale by a private seller, an "Alfa enthusiast", on AutoTrader.com. He gives few details and only the one picture, but leaves a phone number to call for more info. Click here to see the listing for this car.

Click here to find the "Alfa Milano and 75 Stuff" webpage. (I love that title... Simple and to the point.) It has some useful information, pictures and other "stuff".

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