Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A 1995 BMW 318ti With A Difference

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. What's so special or different about a 1995 BMW 318ti? The 318ti was BMW's entry level car in the nineties. It was a nice enough car - inexpensive (for a BMW), economical and full of BMW's traditional reliability and great build quality - but it was nothing special.

Ahhh, but this one is special. The list of modifications done to this car is impressive:

Engine + Drivetrain: OBD1 Engine Conversion, Active Autowerke Stage 3 Supercharger, AA Tuning Software, AA Tuning Intercooler, AA Tuning Oil Cooler, Super Sprint Long Tube Headers with Remus Muffler, Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel with Heavy Duty Clutch and an AA Tuning Short Shifter. Engine and Transmission came from a 1998 M3 with 54,000 miles. All preventative maintenance items have been addressed. Suspension: TC KLINE Racing Setup including: KONI Double Adjustable Coilovers, TC KLINE Springs, Adjustable Rear Spring Lands, Front and Rear Camber Plates, E30 M3 Aluminum Control Arms w/ New bushings and Front Upper Strut Bar. Wheels and Brakes: 18" Hammann PG2 wheels with New Yokohama R Compound Slicks, E36 M3 Stock Brakes Interior: Full M3 Sedan Dash Swap with airbags, Vader M3 Coupe Seats, Digital Climate Control, Full On-Board Computer, 3 Spoke M3 Steering Wheel, 318ti Leather Covered Door Panels., M3 Floor Mats, Factory Alarm System, Custom Rear Leather M3 Seats, M3 Rear View Mirror, Illuminated Shift Knob and M3 Door Sills...

That's right, this 318ti has a supercharged M3 engine in it and some very impressive bits surrounding that engine. This is one incredible 318ti.

I love that they did very little to the exterior of this car. Some clear lights and bigger wheels are about the only things that say this car is anything more than a stock 318ti. Bring this car to your local Gymkhana or track day and watch everyone's jaws drop when they see it perform.

This 318ti is the ultimate sleeper. I want this car. Damn.

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Anonymous said...

Is this a street car? It must be a handful.

Just A Car Geek said...

It's definetly street legal.(You'd probably have to remove the Yokohama R Compound Slicks)

I'm pretty certain this is not a car I'd like to use for my stop and go commute to work everyday, but for a blast through the hills on the weekends, this would be great.