Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another Hard To Find Car ... A US Spec 1970 Marcos GT

The Marcos car company is like the legendary Phoenix (the bird, not the awful Pontiac); it just keeps rising from the ashes. I don't know how many times Marcos has gone out of business, but it's been more than a few. The first time was shortly after introducing the Marcos GT to the US.

Marcos was founded in 1959. Early Marcos cars had plywood frames (I kid you not) and 4 cylinder Ford engines. Things began to change in the sixties with the introduction of the new Marcos GT.

Production of the new Marcos GT started in 1969. It was intended for the US market and had a steel frame and a very sporty body. Needing an engine that could pass US emissions regulations, Marcos chose the Volvo inline 6 cylinder engine. With its light fiberglass body, the Volvo 6 Marcos could do over 100 MPH.

Even in the sixties, introducing a car for sale in the US was no easy task. Meeting US regulations, setting up dealers, etc., ultimately proved to be too much for the tiny Marcos car company and in 1971 they closed their doors (for the first time).

The Marcos GT offered on eBay needs some restoration, but it's far from being a basket case. Marcos, like most other small car companies, sourced many of its parts from other manufacturers. It may take you some time to figure out which part came from what company, but once you do, parts should be relatively easy to find. (The exception, of course, being body and trim parts, but this car seems to be fairly complete)

Like the Moretti I posted yesterday, it's hard to pin a value on this car. A US spec Marcos is extremely rare, but not being as well known as many other British sports cars, you really have to find someone looking for one in order to sell it. It's not going to sell on a whim like a Triumph, MG, Jaguar, etc., might.

Having said that, this is the type of car I'd buy if I had a bigger driveway and more money to spend on toys. It's a great looking car and a piece of British automotive history. It deserves a full restoration.

Click here to see the eBay listing for this 1970 Marcos GT.

Click here to see the "Official Marcos Website" - Marcos was relaunched in the 2002, but once again folded, this time in 2007. The website is still up (Marcos will probably come back - It always seems to) and still pretty interesting.

Click here to find the "Unofficial Marcos Homepage".

Click here to find a US Yahoo! discussion group dedicated to Marcos cars in the US.

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