Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A "Brand New" 1983 Audi Turbo Quattro Coupe

A quick early afternoon post...

This is incredible. A 26 year old, never registered or titled, 1983 Audi Turbo Quattro Coupe with 4700 miles.

The Quattro Coupe's turbocharged 5 cylinder engine put out 172 HP, propelling the car to 60 MPH in around 7 seconds. That type of performance alone would make this car interesting, but it was Audi's AWD that made this car special. Imagine an E30 BMW M3 that doesn't lose its composure on wet roads and you have an idea of how good the Turbo Quattro Coupe is.

Audis are generally well built cars. The head gaskets on the 5 cylinder engine tend to go and the turbo will need rebuilding or replacing at some point, but this car has only 4700 miles on it, so I wouldn't really worry about any of that now. The seller states that this car needs a fuel pump, which I assume got "gunked up" from old gas. A complete cleaning of the fuel system is probably in order for this car.

I can't imagine there is another Quattro Coupe like this one in the world. 4700 miles? Never titled? Amazing. I have no idea how much this car will sell for, it truly is one of a kind.

The seller includes very little information and only a few poor pictures in his eBay listing, but I assume he'll answer any questions you have.

Click here to see the eBay listing for this 1983 Audi Turbo Quattro Coupe.


Anonymous said...

These are just starting to be recognized as collectors cars. It will be interesting to see how much this one goes for.

Love this blog!

Anonymous said...

This car belongs in a museum. What a great find!

Anonymous said...

Amazing car, amazing find. Although, the seller could have added more pictures, better description, seems a little too good to be true!

Anonymous said...

This entire listing is strange. The guy lists it as and "Audi Rally". Does he not know what he has? The description sucks and the pictures are just as bad. This car could sell for a lotif the listing was better. If this is real it's an amazing find. It's up to $6700. Hopefully the bidders have checked it out.