Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just A Nice 1974 MGB GT on eBay

The MGB GT is one of those cars that grew on me. For a long time I never understood why someone would want one over an MGB roadster.

The MGB GT didn't ride any better than the roadster. It wasn't any faster (in fact, it's slightly slower, being a few pounds heavier). In theory it seated four, but you'd have to really hate two of of those people to subject them to the back seat, so for all intents and purposes it was a 2 seater, just like the roadster. And, of course, you couldn't put the top down on a summer night.

As I got older though, it started to make sense to me. First of all, the MBG GT is a very nice looking car. While based on the roadster, the GT was designed by Pinninfarina, a company that knows a few things about designing beautiful cars. It also has a nice solid feel to it. Most convertibles these days start out as hardtops and have their tops chopped off. Extra bracing is then added to make up for the loss of rigidity the original roof provided. That's not always 100% successful. The MGB GT started life as a convertible, adding the roof just made it more solid.

While by no means a quiet car, the MGB GT is quieter than the roadster. Then of course there's protection from the elements... Water and wind always found a way into the roadster, even with the top up. That's not a problem in the MGB GT.

As I've gotten older the things I enjoy about a car have changed. I think that's why I've grown to like the MGB GT. It doesn't have the wind in the hair fun of the roadster, but it's solid, weather proof and has a lot more space for the "stuff" we accumulate in life. It's just more civilized. It's an "adult sports car".

I owned an MGB for a few years. I really liked it. I have a reoccurring fantasy of waking up one morning and finding both my bank account and driveway 5 times the size they were when I went to sleep the night before. If that ever comes true, I'd buy another MGB. Only this time it would be an MGB GT. Here in New England I could drive it from April through October, everyday, rain or shine. I guess if I really missed having some wind in my hair I could install an old-school Webasto sunroof, just like so many people and dealers did when these cars were new. It may leak a little, just like roadster tops do, but I'd still have all the other advantages of the MGB GT. It would be the best of both worlds.

The 1974 MGB GT listed on eBay is just a nice used example of the car. It needs some minor work and the hideous bumper overriders should be removed, but it appears to be rust free and well maintained.

Located in Coal valley, IL, Click here to see the eBay listing for this 1967 MGB GT


Anonymous said...

that does look well looked after. 34 years old!

Anonymous said...

It is nice - but those butt ugly rubber bumper guards have to go!