Monday, March 23, 2009


Some quick blurbs about some unique and interesting cars I've spotted on eBay....

1960 Hillman Husky - The Husky was Hillman's station wagon. This one is in decent condition, just needing a bit of interior work. This car would look great with a surfboard or some mountain bikes on its roof. A cool, unusual car. Located in Bethel, CT.

1962 (Pontiac) Acadian -Apparently GM thought the Canadians would be psyched by having an "exclusive" car to call their own, so with about $2.00 worth of trim parts they turned the Chevy II into an Acadian. No wonder the Canadians hate us. This Acadian is now in Burnsville, North Carolina.

1953 Woodhill Wildfire Series II - This car has been showing up on eBay for a few months now. Another "close, but no cigar" attempt at creating a US sports car in the 1950s. Rare and unusual, this car is located in Portland, OR. For more info on the Woodhill, click here to find a webpage dedicated to the car (TURN DOWN THE SOUND ON YOUR COMPUTER, the music on this page is horrible).

1952 GAZ M20 Pobeda - The text of this listing is amusingly confusing. I think the seller is saying that the car is in good shape. It doesn't matter, I don't think I'd take a chance on a "no reserve" auction for a car in Estonia. Even if you were able to buy the car cheap, the shipping costs would kill you. Check out the listing anyway. There are a lot of good pictures of this interesting car.

Just thought I'd share. Enjoy!

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"no wonder the canadians hate us" ha! lol