Monday, March 30, 2009


A few quick posts...

1986 Jaguar XJS Cabriolet - If I was looking for a new toy I'd consider this car. This is a gray market XJS with a 6 cylinder engine and a 5 speed manual transmission. (Neither the 6 cylinder engine nor the 5 speed transmission were available in the US until 1994. The XJS was completely discontinued in 1996) It's also a "Cabriolet", which was Jaguar's early attempt at creating an open XJS. Unlike the later convertibles, the "Cabriolet" retains a bit of roof structure, making the car a little stiffer and, if you should somehow manage to roll a car this massive, slightly safer than the convertible. The seller states it's a "great car to restore", but doesn't mention what it needs.

1958 Simca (Vedette) Presidence - For a French car this looks pretty American, doesn't it? There's a reason for that; the Simca Vedette was designed by Ford. This is not my type of car, but I'd love to drive it just to find out what a tiny 2.3 liter V8 feels like. Apparently this car has some movie history ( ). Click here for more info on the Simca Vedette range.

1981 AMC Eagle Sundancer - A company called Griffith made targa top /convertible versions of the AMC Concord and Eagle. They had AMCs blessing and these were sold in AMC dealerships. Supposedly there were around 400 cars (Eagles and Concords combined) that received this treatment. They don't look too bad with the targa roof off and the rear section folded.

1967 Opel Commodore - The Commodore was never officially imported into the United States. Essentially it's an upscale version of the Opel Rekord. The engine is Opel's 2.5 liter 6. This one has an automatic transmission, most likely a GM 2 speed Powerglide. This car, located in Connecticut and available on eBay, appears to be in good, unrestored condition. It's not the prettiest or most exciting car you could buy, but it is unique in the US and would be a hit at any German car show.

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Anonymous said...

The AMC was the Suzuki x90 of its day.

Except for the jag all the cars in this post are pretty ugly. Interesting but ugly.