Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not Many Around Anymore... A 1969 1.1 Liter Opel GT

Here's an odd one... An Opel GT with the base 1.1 liter engine. There aren't many of these around.

Most Opel GTs have the 1.9 liter engine in them. I have no idea why Opel even offered the tiny 1.1 liter engine in a car that that looked as good as the Opel GT did. The Opel GT was based on on an Opel Kadette platform. Maybe, just because both a 1.1 liter engine and a 1.9 liter engine were offered in the Kadette, Opel offered both engines in the GT. The 1.1 produced 67 HP, the 1.9 pumped out 102. It's easy to see why most people opted for the 1.9 engine.

I owned and drove a 1.9 liter Opel GT for many years. I sold it in 1982 to help finance the start of my business, but I remember it being a nice handling car and very reliable. Even back then, when these cars were more common, it drew a lot of attention.

This is one of those cars that will sell strictly on it's rarity. There are very few 1.1 liter Opel GTs in this condition. If you're looking for an Opel GT to drive everyday, a 1.9 is probably a better choice. If you're looking for a car that you could buy today, bring to a show tomorrow and instantly attract a crowd, this 1.1 Opel GT could be a good choice.

Located in New England, click here to see the eBay listing for this Opel GT. The seller provides a lot of details and some nice pictures.

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Click here to find the Opel Motorsprts website, a club worth joining if you buy this or any Opel.

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