Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1978 Scimitar GTE - In US and on eBay

You rarely see these cars in the US. For years there were rumors that Reliant was going to bring this or another model to the US, but it never happened.

If you read the British classic car magazines (Practical Classics, etc.) you'll see a lot of rave reviews of these cars. One of Britain's Royal Family thought highly of the Scimitar; Princess Anne drove one.

I've listed a few links below that will give you the history and specs on the Scimitar.

This is another one of those great "cottage industry" cars from Great Britain. I wish more of them had made the trip to America.

Click here to see the eBay listing for this 1978 Reliant Scimitar.

Click here to find the Reliant Owners Club website.

Click here to see the Practical Classics magazine review.

Click here to find the Scimitarweb.com website.

Click here to find Erik's Scimitar site.

1 comment:

Just A Car Geek said...

Erik, who runs the very good Reliant website I mentioned in the post, sent me this e-mail...

Hi Dave,
Great to see an article on the Scimitar in the USA.
You write about Reliant bringing it to the USA. The GTE never did,
nor the GT. But the sportscar where it started with did: the
Israelian born, but Reliant desigend (and most built) Sabra did!
( www.sabra.be ). Also the '80-'s Scimitar, the SS1 models never made
it to the USA, except one! Reliant did send over one Scimitar 1800ti.
It was never sold, but is full USA spec ( = mileage counter and LHD).
It remained with the importer-to-be, a man in the South (Alabama I
think). It only did < 300 miles since then. Last year the son on the
now old man sold the car on Ebay and it nw resides in Canada in the
hands of a emigrated Englishman. He is very happy with his 20 year
old new car.
You really missed the fun of a Scimitar 1800TI, boy, those are fast!
I owned two of those.
Just some cool information that I thought I'd pass along.

Thanks Erik!