Friday, April 3, 2009

1992 Monster Miata on eBay

It probably wasn't too long after the automobile was invented that someone figured out how much fun a small car with a big engine can be.

But just putting a big engine in a small car doesn't necessarily make it fun. Sometimes it makes it unreliable. Sometimes it makes it undrivable. Sometimes it makes it deadly.

The Monster Miatas from Monster Motorsports in Escondido, CA, are small cars with big engines, but they are done right. Besides dropping the 5.0 Ford engine in the nose of the Mazda, Monster Motorsports reinforced the chassis, changed the suspension, and most importantly, upgraded the brakes. The list of what is done to a Monster Miata is pretty impressive.

I like everything about the Monster Miata being offered on eBay. The black stripes look great, the roll bar, the black wheels all make the car look purposeful without giving it a too much of a "boy racer" look.

This car is a Monster Motorsports built car. That's important, as for awhile there were DIY kits floating around the internet. I'm not saying that all DIY Monster Miatas are bad, but when buying a 2500lb car with a 250+ HP engine in it, I'd want to know that it was done right.

Monster Motorsports was involved in the second attempt at selling the Laforza SUV in the US. When that venture failed, Monster Motorsports went with it. That's not a big deal as most of the parts for the Monster Miata can be found at your local auto parts store.

Click here to see the eBay listing for this 1992 Monster Miata.

Click here to read an article on the Monster Miata. (A little trivia for any True Crime fans reading this... John Smith, quoted in this article, was arrested in Oct. 2000 at the Monster Miata / Laforza factory and charged with killing 2 of his ex-wives. Michael Fleeman wrote a book about the case called "The Stranger In My Bed").

Monster Miatas, Inc. is now building the car. Click here to see their website.

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