Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2001 Qvale Mangusta - One of 276 Built

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If name dropping was all it took to make a car a legend, this one would already be legendary.

Two legendary names from the sixties, Alejandro De Tomaso and Kjell Qvale were involved with the production of this car. A third legend, Marcello Gandini, designed it.

The story of this car goes something like this... The origins of this car go back to 1996 and a car called the De Tomaso BiguĂ . A partnership of sorts was formed between de Tomaso and Qvale and the car was updated and renamed the Mangusta (Qvale was the distributor of the original De Tomaso Mangusta back in the 60's). At some point De Tomaso and Qvale had a falling out and De Tomaso sold the rights to the car to Qvale. Qvale built a factory outside of Modena, Italy, and started building the car.

All of that doesn't matter, what matters is the car. The Qvale Mangusta, like the original De Tomaso Mangusta, is powered by a Ford V8. In this case it's a 4.6 liter Ford Cobra SVT engine, mounted in the front and driving the rear wheels. The engine is capable of bringing the car to 60 MPH in 5.5 seconds. It's roof is a unique 3 position roof Qvale called "Rototop".

Only 276 of these cars were made, making this a very exclusive ride. The original sticker price for these cars was just under $70,000.00. This 2001, with just over 10,000 miles is being offered at $29,000.00

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Richard said...

I have always had mixed feelings with Qvale line. On one had it could be argued to be the best deal for a rare, cheap, exotic car which is easy to maintain and run (well, easy-ish). On the other hand, the styling just never really did anything for me.

It does have an interesting history, I also heard that the first cars were badged De Tomaso but after the split were rebadged. Also, apparently MG Rover group purchased the brand??? I wonder who owns it now and if there is any future at all.

hoov23 said...

Odd-looking Mustang with an overly-complicated top. I had the opportunity to buy one of these last year for far less money and didn't. Glad I talked myself out of it. Whoever buys this car should plan to keep it for a while, because it will be hard to get out of it at that price.