Monday, May 11, 2009

BMW 1992 -1999 8 Series

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How about a truly practical exotic GT car, one that won't bankrupt you with its purchase price or repair bills? The (E31) BMW 8 Series is just that.

Available with a V12 or V8 engine, the E31 8 Series is fast, comfortable, reliable and almost practical.

No, it's not practical if you need to shuttle around more than one person at a time for any length of time and it's not very practical at the gas pump, but if reliability and drivability are your your top priorities in a fast GT car, the BMW 8 Series is tough to beat.

The car shown above is available on eBay. I'm pointing it out because of the numerous clear pictures in the listing. Because of its low mileage (28K), it may go for a premium price, but there are still quite a few 8 Series around and finding one shouldn't be too tough. A recent search showed 100 available on

Prices vary wildy. The recent search showed one with an asking price of $47,000.00 and several under $10,000.00. While BMWs in general are incredibly reliable cars, any car that has not been maintained properly can have problems. It's worthwhile having someone knowledgeable with the 8 Series check any car you're thinking of purchasing. Most parts for the 8 Series are still available through BMW dealers, but they're not cheap. did a great post on the E31 8 Series. Click here to find it.

To see the 1994 840Ci listed on eBay, click here.

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Richard Burgess said...

I remember back in the early 90's Dunlop made a commercial using a black BMW 8 series. Fell in love with the car after watching that commercial, although to be fair the commercial made no sense whatsoever. Then again, has the 8 series really made any sense? Fantastic, well designed and built car, but in my opinion rode too hard to be classed as a GT. Add the mammoth V12 which was slower than the V8, really wasn't a sports car, let alone a super car (CSI model excluded).