Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Pair of MGs (MG²)

1952 Arnolt MG - I wrote about Stanley "Wacky" Arnolt's Arnolt Bristol in an earlier post (See the post here). This is another of his creations. The story of how the MG Arnolt came about goes like this...

It is rumored that Arnolt was touring the Turin Auto Show of 1952 when he spotted two sleek sports cars. These were custom open and closed body coupes built by Bertone of Italy. Because Fiat had recently changed to a unibody construction technique, there were no chassis available to create custom bodied sports cars by the small designers such as Bertone. Bertone's son, Nuccio had located two used MGTD chassis which proved to be just right for a small, agile sports car.

The Bertone's commissioned Franco Scaglioni to assist them in designing a new line of custom bodied cars. The two prototypes were displayed by Rome MG Dealers, Fattori and Mantani. When Arnolt spotted the cars he immediately asked to purchase them. Bertone was reported as asking "Both of Them?" from which Arnolt replied "No, one hundred of each.". Arnolt thought that the cars would appeal to a more 'refined' class of driver than the original MGTD with the closed coupe and Italian styling.
(From the website The Original MGTD Midget)

The 1952 Arnolt MG being offered on eBay needs to be reassembled and is located in Israel. According to the seller it's a clean and straight car with "immaculate restored bodywork" and a "100% clean chassis". The seller also states that the bumpers, front and rear screen are missing and some chrome needs attention. The rebuilt engine has a supercharger on it, which was a somewhat common MGTD option in the fifties.
Click here to see the eBay listing.

In doing some research for this post, I discovered that Wacky Arnolt was also involved in selling a marine engine called the Sea Mite. Click here to see a very well done enthusiast site dedicated to that engine.

1969 MGB GT - When I was looking for a house back in the early 1990s my only requirements were, besides the basics of indoor plumbing, etc., a 2 car (or more) garage and a fireplace.

For my next house though, I've added a third requirement. I want a barn. The coolest old cars seem to just turn up in barns. I'm hoping that if I get a house with a barn some old cars will just magically appear in it every now and again...

This MGB GT is a barn find. What makes it unique is the "factory" air conditioning system. I've never seen one before. Given the 1960s technology and just the three little vents I see, I suspect it's not a very efficient or effective system but, given its rarity, it's a pretty "cool" thing to have. (Bad pun, I know)

This car needs complete restoration. Except for some rust in the floor and small bubbles in the dogleg, the seller says it's rust free. It's not a weekend project, but if you start now you'll have a nice car for next year.

In recent years I've come to appreciate the MGB GT (See my earlier MGB GT post here). If I had a bigger driveway or a place to store this car (like a barn, maybe?), I'd be bidding on it.

Click here to see the eBay listing for this 1969 MGB GT

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