Friday, June 12, 2009

1961 Mercedes Benz 190D

A quick afternoon post...

I just came across this car and figured I'd post it. How many 65,000 mile examples of this type of car can be left?

Mercedes diesels run forever, but they did rust. If you look closely it appears that this car was painted at least once, so check this car for prior rust repair.

I'm not a big diesel fan, so this is probably not the type of car I would buy, but it's still a great old car to look at.

These cars don't usually sell for a lot of money and the asking price for this one is on the high side. However, if this car is as original as it appears and has some documented history with it, it may be worth the money. The seller is open to offers.

Located in Oregon, click here to see the Craigslist listing for this car. The ad includes a ton of clear photos, giving you a really good idea of the condition of this car.

These cars were known as "Pontons". The nickname comes from the German word for "pontoon" and refers to the style of the fenders. Click here to find a great "Ponton" enthusiast website.

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