Thursday, June 25, 2009

1975 Bricklin

The Subaru 360, Bricklin SV-1, Bertone X/19, Pinninfarina Spider, Yugo... I could write a whole post about Malcolm Bricklin. I'm not going to, this post is just going to be about this car.

I'm not even going to write a blurb about the Bricklin and it's history, etc., etc. The Bricklin International Owners Club Website (link below) does a better job of that than I could ever dream of doing. I'm just going to point out this car.

The car being offered on eBay is a 1975 Bricklin with 1513 miles on it. The car has spent a portion of its life in the California Automobile Museum in Sacramento, CA. It appears to be in amazing condition.

There are 74 clear pictures included in the eBay listing. You get to see every angle of the car, except for the undercarriage.(It's interesting to see the exposed screws holding some of the interior pieces in place. That's the way many cars were built in 1975, but today, even in the cheapest of cars you don't see any exposed screws. Automobile manufacturing has come a long way in 30+ years)

I never paid much attention to the Bricklin. The car and the company came and went very quickly. Reviews of the car were lukewarm and problems were pointed out early in its life. The styling, while having all the right design cues, somehow just didn't look great. The car looked too much like a kit car to me.

Even though I'm not crazy about Bricklins, I realize it is a fascinating piece of automotive history. Whether you believe Malcolm Bricklin is a visionary or a huckster, he did pull off what many people have dreamed about but few have done; create a car and a car company.

There were just under 3000 Bricklins built. I doubt there are any other in this type of condition, with this type of mileage on it. If you missed out on buying a new Bricklin in the mid-seventies, here's your chance to do it now.

Click here to see the eBay listing for this 1975 Bricklin SV-1.

Click here to find the Bricklin International Owners Club website.

Click here to find an enthusiast site dedicated to the Bricklin. It is loaded with all sorts of Bricklin information.

Malcolm Bricklin is now involved with a company called Visionary Vehicles, a company dedicated to building "electric hybrid plug in" luxury cars. You can find the website here. Once again, this venture makes you wonder whether Malcolm Bricklin is a brilliant visionary or a brilliant con man.


Richard said...

Malcolm Bricklin seems to pop up now and again with some great new idea. But recently his idea's have appeared to be a little off the wall. Initially I thought Visionary Vehicles were supposed to be importing the Chery line of cars from China (and if I remember he got into a bit of trouble with investors). Now its appears he is going to build a hydrogen luxury car for $35k, weigh 3900 lbs, have a 0-60 time of 5.9 seconds and run with a small 60hp 500 cc motor.....ummmm, right....

As for the SV1, the front of the car really never did much for me and appears to look like something out of a 70's scifi movie, but at certain angles looks pretty cool. Very 'retro' and apparently 'that's so hot right now' :)

Anonymous said...

Bricklin seems to always find a way to make money - for himself. He walked away from Subaru with a handsome profit and essentially sold Yugo USA to Yugo for 40M.

No one knows how much he made on his car, but much of the start up money came from the Canadian gvt, so he certainly didn't lose anything.

The ultimate salesman, Mr. Bricklin is. I wouldn't put any faith in in new venture.