Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Romanian ARO SUV - Craigslist Find

A few months ago I wrote a post about an ARO. According to my little "hit counter" it was one of the more popular posts. (Who would have guessed?) According to ARO owner and Just A Car Geek reader, Tedd, it was a vehicle that was not supposed to be in the US and would have been damn-near impossible to title and register. Oops.

Here's one of the few AROs that is supposed to be in the country. (I hope... Tedd, are you out there?)

Everything I wrote in the original post applies to this ARO.

The seller calls this ARO a Land Rover / Mercedes G Wagen clone, which it's not. He doesn't say what year this vehicle is and offers little useful information, but it appears to be in decent condition at least. (Someone put a Mercedes Benz star on the grill, which in my opinion should be removed the second someone take posession of the vehicle)

I'm going to be spending my weekend in Boston, about 1/2 hour away from this vehicle. This ARO is so cool and so unusual, I may have to go check it out. (I'll leave my credit card at home)

Located in southern New Hampshire, click here to see the Craigslist listing for this ARO.


Unknown said...

That's the one. It's called a 244, or Hunter. I've seen them where people claim that it's a Jeep drivetrain, or like this a Ford ranger set up, usually that's only part of the story. Ford sourced engine and tranny - then who know what... Mine is like this with the ford 4 cyl. but the axles (independent with locker up front-wierd) and dual piston brake setup don't seem very ford to me, but I'm no expert. Mine also has French electronics - Great idea!

Just A Car Geek said...

Thanks Tedd! I didn't get to see the vehicle as I had hoped this weekend (There was no way I was convincing my friend to leave a party to go look at an obscure SUV - I tried), but I may try to look at it later in the week.