Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weekend Quickies - Faster Than Stock

I'm not usually a big fan of engine swaps. Some, though, are just too cool, too well done, to ignore...

V8 Mini - There are quite a few Minis in the world with V8s stuffed into them. Some have the engine in the back, some are AWD, many have highly modified bodies. The best part about this V8 conversion, besides all the engineering that went into it, is that aside from the huge wing in the back, it doesn't look a whole lot different from a standard (over restored) Mini Clubman. Even the suspension and firewall did not have to be modified for this conversion. This is one of the nicest V8 Mini conversions I've seen.

Click here for some more details.

1972 600 Horsepower E-Type - This is not an engine swap. It's just an amazing engine. Some cars leave an impression on me that never goes away. This is one of them. I saw this E-Type at Lime Rock in 2006. I was sitting on the one of the guardrails watching the awards ceremony when I heard the engine start. It sounded nothing like any Jaguar I'd ever heard before. As I was leaving I stopped and talked to the owners. They were incredibly gracious and took some time to explain the car and the modifications done to it. I hoped to see it again in 2007 or 2008, but either it wasn't there those years or I was there at the wrong time. Maybe this year...

Click here to read (a not very technical) article about this car.

BMW "350i" - My friend Jeff sent me this link with a note reminding me that he has a BMW for sale with a 5.0 12 cylinder engine it it and I've been looking for ways to get a little more power from my E36 (3 Series) BMW.

AKG Motorsports managed to put a 5 liter V12 into the nose of an E36. Based on the pictures, they did a nice job. Unfortunately, there's no text with the pictures.

Somebody really needs to buy Jeff's 750 before the insane idea of his engine in my car becomes an expensive, time consuming, ridiculous, incredibly fun reality.

Click here to see a few more pictures of this V12 E36.

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