Tuesday, July 7, 2009

1963 Simca 1000 Coupe

Back in April I wrote a piece about a Simca. As I mentioned in the post, Simca was never able to gain a foothold in the US. That car was a pretty mundane 1970 Simca 1204, the last Simca model sold in the US.

The car being offered on eBay didn't do very well in the US either, but it's an interesting car and one that brought Simca worldwide acclaim.

The 1000 Coupe was Simca's answer to the Renault Floride / Caravelle. Like that car, it was a rear engined coupe. (The Floride / Caravelle was also offered as a convertible, which became relatively popular in the US.)

The 1000 Coupe was designed by Giorgio Giugiaro, who was then with Bertone. The 1000cc engine is no rocket, but if given enough time and the right conditions, the 1000 Coupe could do over 80 MPH. The suspension was fully independent and the handling was typical of early sixties rear engined cars.

Simca stopped making the 1000 Coupe in 1967 (by which time the engine grew larger and it was known as the 1200 Coupe). During its run Simca made over 10,000 of these cars, making it a fairly successful model for Simca. (The 1000 range, which this car is a part of, included several sedan variations and an Abarth tuned car. It was incredibly successful for Simca, with over a million units being built from 1961 through 1978.)

The car being listed on eBay is a great restoration candidate. The body appears to be rust free and complete. The interior appears to be complete but needs restoration. The engine is out of the car, but included in the sale. The seller states "the list of original spare parts is extensive and extra motors available as well." It's not clear whether they come with the car or available as a separate sale.

The color would not be my first choice for a classic sports car, but it's the original color and the paint was recently done, so there's no reason to change it.

All-in-all this is a cool old car that would be a hit at any car show.

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The Simca Talbot Club website has a short piece about the 1000 coupe. You can find it here.

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