Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1970 GAZ-69A in US and On eBay

You can call this the Russian equivalent of the Jeep CJ.

Designed in the fifties and produced until 1972, this was, for the most part, used by the military, but some found their way into civilian hands. Very few made their way to the US, which is what makes this interesting.

It seems like many of the vehicles that found their way into civilian hands have had engine transplants, but the seller of this one does not mention that. In stock form, the 69A (the "A" meaning it was a 4 door) had a 2.1 liter 55 HP engine, which gave the vehicle a top speed of under 60 MPH. (There was an "export version", the 69AM, that came with a 2.4 liter 65 HP engine. That's probably quicker, but not by much. This is not a vehicle meant for the highways.)

Designed for the wide variety of weather conditions and terrain found in Russia, these vehicles are reportedly well built and dependable. (Well, at least as dependable as any vehicle designed in the 1950s can be.)

This, like so many other cars I write about, would be pretty impractical for everyday use. It would be a great vehicle to bring to shows, or, if you want flip out a few people, to any 4x4 get together.

Located in Rhode Island, click here to see the eBay listing for this 1970 GAZ-69A

These trucks have a substantial worldwide following. There are many websites and forums dedicated to this truck and military trucks in general. Some of the best are:

Russian Military Trucks "The English Language Russian Truck Resource".
has some basic info about the GAZ-69 line. When you're done checking that out, go to the gallery. You'll find some pretty cool pictures of other old cars and trucks (some are from Russia, many are not). It's not the world's best laid out site, but after awhile you'll figure it out.

Russian Military
("Your First Choice For Russian Trucks and Military Vehicles") is a UK website dedicated to Russian military vehicles, including tanks and planes. My favorite paragraph from this site is... "We have a test area for testing tanks after restoration and overhaul. Only recently when we testing one, a customer who came to view his restoration was so impressed he bought one for the wife." His and hers tanks... For the couple that has everything, I guess.

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Andre said...

Looks like this example has been mercilessly butchered... far from being all original... Gaz-21 engine, "rear heater", "door panels"... I'd pass on this one...