Friday, July 10, 2009

1972 Land Rover "Dormobile"

This is why I love the internet and love doing this blog. I learn things. Until tonight I had no idea some company created a camper top for the old LR 109.

I don't even like camping, but I want one of these.

The company that made the Dormobile has a pretty impressive history. According to, "(The) forerunners of Dormobile Ltd were the well established company know as Martin-Walter, founded in 1773 as harness manufacturers, they progressed to the building of carriages and coaches."

They go on to write...

"It had been noticed that traders were putting cushions into their vans to take the family out. This led to a Utility vehicle - built on the Ford chassis. The vehicle could work all week and on a Sunday the seats could be folded down for the family.

Having survived the Second World War Martin Walter were examining a new vehicle from Vauxhall Motors, the Bedford CA van with its brand new design of bodywork and independent front suspension. With the all new Bedford CA came the Utilicon & Utlibrake. A model was offered that allowed the seats to form a bench seat for sleeping. Soon followed the fitting of a cooker. The real breakthrough came with the idea of cutting a hole in the roof and fitting an elevating cover. Thus was born the REAL Dormobile. The roof grew larger with bunk beds and the vehicle put motorcaravanning into the price range of everyone. Unfortunately, many members of the public associate a Dormobile with the original Bedford CA and incorrectly refer to Bedford Dormoblies.

The Dormobile was built on almost every commercial chassis - VW, BMC, Land-Rover, Ford, Leyland, Commer, Toyota etc., even the diminutive Fiat 850T."

Dormobile is no longer in business, but there seems to be a few companies making reproduction parts.

Located in Santa Monica, California, the vehicle listed on eBay is a "1972 Series 3 Land Rover 109 factory 2 door wagon, Right hand drive, Turbo Diesel 300, Dormobile conversion." It appears to be in good, restorable condition. Click here to see the listing and some more pictures.

The Dormobile has a pretty good following in the UK. Besides the website mentioned above, you can find more information at

All of a sudden I have the urge to go camping...


Richard said...

Not sure, one hand I love the idea, on the other hand I just can't see your typical Land Rover driver with so many conveniences at hand.

The reserve will be high, old Land Rovers in California sell for crazy me thinking again about trying to get one over...hmmm

Jason said...

I don't think this is for the typical LR driver. This is for the person who wants to camp in the middle of nowhere.

I'd be afraid I'd get to the middle of nowhere and it wouldn't start and I'd be stuck there!

hoov23 said...

Super cool. This would fit in perfectly at Le Mans. Wish it was still in Maryland, I'd be all over it.

Just A Car Geek said...

Le Mans. Hoov, you are so right.
I didn't think of that.

Heck, this would be cool just to take to Lime Rock for the 3 days of the Vintage Fall Festival.

Now I kind of wish it was on the east coast...


Charlie said...

This is gonna sound crazy but I'm going back to the dealership tomorrow to check out this car again and possibly buy it, the same one pictured above.