Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1983 Audi UR-Quattro

There's one big problem when looking for an older Audi Quattro... Many of them were originally sold in the snow belt states. It makes sense. The Quattro AWD system gave the cars SUV like abilities to go through snow. Unfortunately, sand, salt, mud and moisture took their tolls on the bodies and many early Audis rusted away.

This car has spent its life in Nevada and California and appears to be rust free.

This is a 3 owner, stock UR-Quattro. It appears to be in very, very nice condition. The car has been well maintained and was repainted a few years ago. The gold color doesn't do the car justice, but back in the 1980s Audi was big on gold and brown colored cars, and this color is original. The interior is also brown and appears to be nice condition, except for a crack in the dashboard padding.

In North American guise the turbocharged 5 cylinder puts out around 160 HP. That's lower than the Euro versions, but, if you don't care about originality, there are all sorts of upgrades that can be done to this engine.
UR-Quattros are the older Audi to own. Fortunately they are not yet selling for big money. Really nice ones can be bought for less than $15K.

As I've written before, I, in no way, believe I can predict the future prices of cars. However, if I was in the market for a classic German car and wanted one that would, at the very least, retain its value and possibly increase in value over time, the UR-Quattro would be near the top of my list.

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JayP said...

The official color: Gobi Beige. Doesn't it conjure up 1000 Kilo rally raids?

A pal has one the same color, but replaced the engine with a 20v 5cyl unit and a V8 trans. Drove it once... that was all I needed.