Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1994 Saab 900 Turbo Convertible - Commemorative Edition

This is pretty cool...

This past weekend I wrote a "quicky" about the older body Saab convertible. I wouldn't say these cars are "classics" yet, but they are certainly getting some attention and are becoming "hip" (for lack of a better word) cars to own.

The Saab convertible pictured above is not only hip, it may very well be a collector's car someday soon.

The seller of this car states:
This model was only available as a convertible. It had a 185 Hp engine. They all had the 5-speed manual transmission, and came with uniquely styled wheels and walnut dash facia. The tan leather interior was further enhanced with black piping, which was exclusive to this model. The cars were all painted Nova Black Metallic (it is the only Saab model that had this color.) and had tan canvass tops. The extra horsepower was achieved through the modified "red box" APE, a 2.8bar fuel pressure regulator, and a special distributor with enhanced vacuum advance. Only a limited number of 500 were produced for the U.S. market.

A little bit of research shows that what he's stating is correct. How many of these cars remain is a mystery as there is no registry for them (or at least I couldn't find one).

Saabs, if maintained, will run forever. Their biggest shortcoming was their automatic transmissions, which were trouble prone. That is not an issue with the Commemorative Edition, as they're all 5 speed manuals. (Saab is well aware of the automatic transmission problem. My attorney drives a Saab 9000. The automatic transmission failed at some point after the car was out of warranty. Saab still replaced it at no charge. His car is now pushing 200K miles and he has had no further problems with it.)

The car listed on eBay appears to be a very nice driver quality car. It's not perfect, but it's certainly a car you could get into drive right away.

I've been looking at this car all afternoon. For some reason I find it really appealing. I'm beginning to understand why they're becoming "hip". There really is something special about these old Saab convertibles. I could see myself in this car.

Click here to see the eBay listing (with a lot of good, clear photos) for this Saab.

The Saab Network is a great site for information, parts, etc. for all Saabs. Find it here.

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