Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weekend Quickies - Cars That Will Attract Attention

1963 Goggomobil TS 300 - The best, most concise description of this car I can find comes from the eBay listing...

"This microcar is just under 10 feet long and is powered by a two cyl , two stroke engine, with 4 speed trans. Manufactured by Hans Glas GmbH inb Germany from 1957 -1967, this monocoque chassis vehicle weighs only 1024 lbs, and seats two adults and two children."

I showed this car to a friend last night. She commented that she didn't like the color, it "drew too much attention to the car". Uh, I'm pretty certain that no matter what color a Goggomobil is, it will draw some serious attention.

Glas made some pretty cool "regular sized" cars and was eventually taken over by BMW.

Click here to see the eBay listing for this 1963 Goggomobil.

1972 Fiat 500 - Good god! So if you don't think a bright yellow Goggomobile will draw enough attention, we have this. There's nothing I can say about this car that will be any more descriptive than the picture.

Located in Belgium (where apparently they add LSD to the water supply), click here to see the eBay listing for this car. The seller's English isn't very good, but you get the idea that he spent a lot of time and money on this car. The story behind the car is pretty amusing, too.

1992 Citroen XM - I wrote in an earlier post about my desire to own a Citroen XM. I also mentioned that a company called CXA had legally imported a handful of these cars. This is one of them.

CXA got it's start by importing the Citroen CX. If I remember correctly, they registered themselves as a manufacturer and not an importer. The CX was bought from Citroen and then "built" in Belgium. The cars were not sold as Citroens, but as CXs, "using Citroen technology". An interesting, novel and expensive way of importing cars to the US. I'm not certain whether the XM was imported and sold the same way.

Citroen XMs have horrible resale values in Europe. This one, being US legal and extremely rare, will probably go for relatively big bucks.

Click here to see the eBay listing for this 1992 Citroen XM.

1976 Land Rover 101 FC - "It's been a great vehicle for getting ice cream w/ the family". That's from the seller's description.

By the time this posts, the auction for this vehicle will be over. Still, take a look at this thing. The Land Rover 101 FC was built for the British military. It was meant to be dropped from planes. I was under the impression all of them were for military use, but I guess I was wrong. Not only is this one in civilian hands, it's left-hand drive.

The seller was going to turn this into a camper. It appears to be big enough to turn into a small apartment.

A cool alternative to a Pinzgauer or Unimog. Click here to see the eBay listing.

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Anonymous said...

Re: Fiat 500... I had to read it 10 times to understand what he was saying, but that;s the funniest description I have ever read.

"So, im parting of this beauty. I start looking for a beetle or karmann convert. Paint it pink and hate my daughter :-)" Is a great line.