Friday, August 7, 2009

1978 Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce (Alfetta GT)

If you live anywhere other than the Southwest, this is a truly amazing find... A rust free Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce (aka Alfetta GT, Alfetta GTV).

These cars, like most seventies Alfas, were seriously prone to rust. It's too bad, because in the US the Alfetta GT and the Alfetta sedan may represent the last true bargain Alfa Romeo.

I wrote a post about a Sprint Veloce back in February. You can find it here. I have a soft spot for these cars, as my first Alfa Romeo was an Alfetta Sedan and my second was a Sprint Veloce.

As I wrote in that earlier post, this, in my opinion, was the last "purely Italian" car Alfa Romeo sent to the US. Later cars had some concessions (although not many) for the US market. Except for the stupid US bumpers and other safety and emissions features that Alfa was required to put on this car for the US market, the Alfetta we got here was pretty much the same car Europe and the rest of the world got. (Take a look at the dash... The tach is the only gauge in front of the driver. Everything else is in the center. That's pure Italian. What else would you need but a tach, right? Friends who drove or rode in my car were blown away by that.)

The interior is a bit ratty on this car, but that's an easy fix compared to doing body work on an Alfa, so don't let that scare you.

This car's body is interesting for a reason other than its pristine condition. It's red. I don't recall seeing a red Sprint Veloce before. (Odd, as red is the color an Italian car is "supposed" to be.) Obviously they made them, I've just never seen one before. (My Sprint Veloce was blue, my Alfetta sedan was a sort of weird burgundy / purple color.)

I started ignoring my Sprint Veloce when I bought my Alfa Milano. Eventually it wound up in my garage (which very shortly became my ex's garage) and I sold it a few years ago. Seeing this one makes me wish I had held on to it.

Located in Los Angeles, Click here to see the eBay listing for this Sprint Veloce / Alfetta GT / GTV.


Alfa Romeo GT said...

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Rob Marshall said...

The Italians drive using only the accelerator (gas pedal) and the horn, so the tachometer is the only instrument needed.

It's a real shame that Alfa don't make rear-drive transaxle cars any more (the 75/Milano was the last): when Fiat took over, they decided they were too expensive to produce. Current Alfas are fine but, as a driver's car, not in the same league as the old transaxles.

Interestingly, there's nothing in the Formula 1 regulations to stop a team from using front wheel drive, but so far none of them has...!

Anonymous said...

Thanks!!! I just bought that exact car from a guy in St. Louis. It has been in a garage for 15 years... No Rust!! It's silver though.. same wheels. Coolest thing I've ever seen. Almost got a ticket because I thought I was going 30 mph in third gear and didn't realize that was the tach in front of me, luckily I know all the cops!.. Mine's gonna be red as well. $1500!! Sure beats a Harley and turns more heads!! Best from STL!

9ballchucker said...

I don't know who posted this ad, but here's a posting for a southwest Alfetta GT. I have no interest in it (I found your page by googling the car to see what it looked like because there's no pic on the ad). Hope this helps?

Anonymous said...

I own this Alfetta now. It needed a ton of work and a new interior. See: