Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1986 Zastava / Yugo 101

It's not very often you see this sentence in a used car ad; "(This car) has 1 scratch from a grenade on the trunk door." This car survived the bombing of Sarajevo.

Zastava is the company that sent us the Yugo in the late eighties. It's not a new company. Zastava was founded as an arms manufacturer in 1853. By the late 1930s the company had expanded into automobile production supplying Ford designed trucks to the Yugoslav Army. Following Word War II Zastava built Jeeps under license from Willys-Overland until production was halted in the early 1950s. In 1953 they started building cars under license from Fiat.

The Yugo 101 is based on a Fiat 128. The 5 door design was never made by Fiat and is unique to Zastava. In many ways it look a lot like a Simca 1204 I wrote about in April.

According to the seller, the car was garaged in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the duration of the war. It was taken out of the garage in July 2009. Except for the grenade dent, it seems remarkably well preserved.

This car is located in Sarajevo. There is really no way anyone could realistically import this car to the US. Being a 1986 model it would have to meet all EPA and DOT requirements for that year. I guess that could be done, but the cost would be insane. I'm just posting this car because it's something you never see in the US and probably never will.

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Max Power said...

Aww man! I thought someone may have brought one over as that 25 year plus antique exemption.