Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1999 "Turboed" Mazda Miata

Since its inception the only real complaint some enthusiasts have had about the Mazda Miata was that it could use some more horsepower. One of the solutions was the over the top (but still cool) Monster Miata . That's a Miata with a Ford V8 engine stuffed in it.

This is another solution. This one's a bit more high tech and just as satisfying.

This is a Miata Turbo. According to the seller, this Miata engine now puts out 300 WHP. The seller has his own page where he lists all of the parts that went into this car.

What I really like about this car is that the modifications are subtle and all business. The roll bar and the bright red Momo seats stand out when the top is down, but there's little else that says this is anything more than a stock Miata. There are, of course, plenty of other modifcations, but you'd have to stop and really look around the car to see them. Driving down the highway this would appear to be just a nice, stock Miata.

Except for two little creases on the hood, this car appears to be in very nice condition. The seller is including a number of useful spare parts with the car.

There is no price listed for this car. The seller says "make me an offer". Located in Las Vegas, you can find it here on Craigslist. is a forum dedicated to these cars. You can find it here.

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Graham Clayton said...

A similar thing was done here in Australia with the MX-5 - the "Bullet" featured a Rover or Toyota sourced V8 engine.