Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekend Quickies...

Turner Sports Mk I / Climax - You could go your whole life and never see a Turner being offered for sale. There weren't many made and the survivors are in the hands of collectors who tend to hang on to them.

This week there are two of them being offered on eBay.

I wrote about one in yesterday's post. That car is a later car with a 1500cc Ford Cortina engine in it. This is a 1960 and has a Coventry Climax 1097cc engine in it.

Like the first Turner I wrote about, this one is in amazing condition and has a race history. Click here to see the eBay listing.

1971 NSU 1200 C Automatic - Yet another car you could go your whole life and never see for sale, at least not in the US. Think of the 1200 C as a larger NSU Prinz. They are supposedly roomy, comfortable and get very good gas mileage.

The car on eBay is basically complete but in need of restoration. The pictures show the car having some surface rust, but no serious rot. The car was in storage for 20 years, but the seller recently got it to run and drove it about 10 miles.

NSU started making the 1200 C in 1965. This car, being a 1971, was built after Volkswagen bought NSU and merged it with Auto Union and Audi. That's not really a big deal, the car didn't change much after VW took ownership of NSU, but it makes it a neat piece of VW / Audi history. The 1200 and all rear engined NSUs were discontinued in 1973.

Click here to see the eBay listing for this 1971 NSU 1200 C

1991 Alfa Romeo 164 - I've owned several Alfas. I loved them all. I have not owned a 164. Yet.

The V6 engine is one of the nicest 6 cylinder engines ever made. It's powerful, smooth and makes all the right Italian noises. The body is one of Pinninfarina's best sedan designs. The interior is better appointed and better laid out than any other Alfa we received here in the US (The interior is still slightly quirky - That's part of Alfa's charm)

Yes, they can be a pain in the ass to work on and parts are becoming harder to find - That probably won't end when Fiat re-introduces Alfa to the US in 2011. When Fiat re-introduced Maserati to the US a few years ago, the completely ignored the older models - but for the money you'll be hard pressed a sedan as nice looking and as much fun to drive as a 164.

This car, located in Florida, needs a little work, but if it is all the seller says it is, it's a decent deal at the $2500.00 Buy It Now price. Click here to see the listing.

Pantera Blog - Just A Car Geek reader, Janis, sent me a link to this blog. Her husband built one Pantera out of two wrecked ones. How good of a job did he do? Well, it just won an award at a Vancouver car show...

The blog is called Canadian West Coast Pantera and you can find it here.

Thanks, Janis!

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